Safe. Anonymous. Protected.

Whistleblowing is a colloquial term used to describe the disclosure of wrongdoing in an organization. 

This includes: 

  1. A criminal offence such as fraud. 
  2. Health and safety being at risk. 
  3. Risk of or actual damage to the environment.
  4. A miscarriage of justice.
  5. The company breaking the law – for example, it doesn’t have the correct (or any) insurance.
  6. You believe that someone is covering up wrongdoing. 

    NB: You are not considered a whistleblower if you are reporting a personal grievance (for example – bullying, harassment or discrimination) unless your particular case is in the public interest. These should be reported according to your employer’s grievance policy. 

We offer a digital tool, called iReport, to manage your whistleblowing policy. We will report back to you on a monthly base regarding the facts ‘n figures reported. A certain amount of investigation hours is included in the monthly fee.

A whistleblower can report wrongdoing in 5 differerent ways:
1. via the contactform on the website, which we will set up taylormade to your company
2. via livechat with one of our compliance officers
3. via email
4. via WhatsApp
5. via phone

After a whistleblower reports wrongdoing, Compliance Caribbean will investigate the case. Each reporting will be taken seriously, and we will constantly ensure the whistleblowers’ anonymity.

Compliance Caribbean has over 25 years of experience in the field of integrity policies and other compliance related business.
Compliance Caribbean is part of Forensic Caribbean and has its head quarters at Curaçao. 

Whistleblowing is vitally important in protecting a company’s customers and in directly protecting your organisation through combatting fraud and misconduct. The dire alternative is risking legal prosecution, major fines and a public scandal, accompanied by a substantial loss of reputation.

~Delta Net, September 19th 2018~